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2018 Season dates are up 💪💪

Here's some dates for upcoming INBA Global Australia Comps 💪💪

Season A
May 6th Newcastle
May 12th SA State Show
May 26th NSW State Show
June 2nd Word Championships (Czech Republic)
June 9th Brisbane Open (Nationals)
Season B 
25th Aug – Gympie Muscle Muster
26th Aug  – Newcastle
2nd Sept –  SA/WA (Natural Universe Qual)
2nd Sept  – Defence Show
8th Sept  – NSW State  (Natural Universe Qual)
15th Sept Australian International (Natural Universe Qual)
22nd Sept – Natural Universe
3rd Nov  – World Cup (U.S)
10th Nov  – Natural Olympia (U.S)

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Welcome to the official INBA website! The road to Natural Olympia, Natural Universe, World Championships and World Cup.

Launched in 1988

Serving the elite natural athlete for over a quarter of a century.

In over 50 Countries

A truely global family with all natural experience, over 50 countries and counting.

Best Tested

WADA/ASADA testing (urine & blood) in and out of competition to ensure a level playing field.

Most Prestigious Titles

Natural Olympia, Natural Universe, World Championships and World Cup – Represent your country on the global stage.

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Two digital publications, Natural Sports Network & Social Media.

Business Opportunities

Opportunity for product endorsements and sponsorships.

Read the latest news both local and international.

Largest & Most Tested

INBA Global proudly presents shows all over the world currently in over 50 countries and we continue to grow.

We drug test with the highest standards and have incorporated the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Labs to create a more even playing field for the athletes.

We are working towards to be someday recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as a true sport based on fair competition and unbiased judging.

Train Hard, Train Smart, Train Natural.

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