INBA Australia

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Dream. Bigger.

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Official INBA Website.

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2019 News

Below are our Season A and Season B shows so far, more to come so stay tuned.

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Season A

  • Melbourne classic, April 6th
  • Perth Classic, May 19th
  • Nations Pro Qualifier (Brisbane), June 1st
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Season B

  • World Cup (Sydney), September 7th
  • SA State Show (Adelaide), September 22nd
  • Victoria State Show (Melbourne), September 28th
  • WA State Show (Perth), October 6th
  • Defence Show- (Brisbane), October 13th
  • NSW State Show (Sydney), October 20th
  • Team Australia Pro/Am (Brisbane), November 2nd
  • Natural Universe (USA), November 9th
  • Natural Olympia (USA), November 13-17th
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