All competitors must be drug free for amount of time allocated for the competition they are in- National and International Events have a minimum of five years drug free, unless stipulated differently. Drug testing is to conform to IOC regulated Standards. Once your entry form is received you will be contacted to verify your appointment time for the urine or blood test for forever natural.

You must obtain two characters references attesting that you have been drug free depending on amount of time allocated for the competition. You will be required to pay for your polygraph test. Pending on the competition, overall winners will be required to take an additional test, urine or blood. This includes all performance enhancing “drugs” that are on the IOC banned list.

All athletes must pass an INBA/PNBA WADA certified urine or blood test (all athletes subject to rnadom testing in and out of competition). We will also conduct random drug testing at each event as well as random testing to all members of the Natural Teams throughout the year. Random drug testing for Team members began January 1st, 1999 and we will conduct a minimum of 1-2 tests per month.

If an athlete tests positive for a banned substance they will be suspended from competing for a minimum of one year up to lifetime ban, and their name, picture and test results posted on website and magazines. Any member of the Natural Teams that is found experimenting with a banned substance will be banned from the team for life. The athlete suspension begins immediately upon receipt of a positive test. The athlete has the right to appeal the decision, however, the suspension remains in effect until either the “B” sample confirms or refutes the findings or a meeting is held by the representatives of the local federation and the International committee where the case may be appealed. Once a final ruling is made by the local and International INBA committee, then there is no second appeal.. In the case of an inaccurate reading on the polygraph test they will be obliged to undergo a urine test with a final decision pending a meeting of the INBA Committee.” Be advised that among the banned substances are ephedrine and its derivatives, DHEA and Andro and all of its derivatives. It is your responsibility to be aware of the substances that are on the banned list. Ignorance is not an excuse.

The following products are banned from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the ABA/INBA/PNBA. This is not a complete list, as new products are introduced every day!

Prohibited Substances and Methods

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