2017 INBA Global Information


INBA Global representation and 2017 event information


This letter is being issued to clarify some confusion in regards to the representation of INBA Global in Australia.  In 2016, officially INBA Global Australia is under new leadership.

The former representation, INBA Australia (now known as iCompete), have elected to discontinue their relationship with the USA parent body.

This is exciting news as it provides Australian athletes the opportunity to compete both domestically and internationally against truly some of the best natural athletes on the planet. Internationally, INBA Global is competing in over 50 countries growing strong. Australia will be no exception to this growth with shows that will be run with the athlete in mind.

In 2017 you must register as a member of INBA Global Australia at https://www.inbaglobal.com.au in order to compete and qualify for INBA events both within Australia and internationally. We understand you may already have paid for unsanctioned INBA memberships elsewhere so in light of this we are offering complementary memberships to compete within Australia and also allow you to qualify for international events. Please note that if you wish to compete internationally you will have to either purchase our standard INBA subscription or upgrade prior to the international event itself.

Two national shows will be run this year in Queensland the first show scheduled for May 6th at the Mercure hotel in Brisbane. The second, scheduled for September. Both shows offering Australian athletes, the true experience of an INBA Global experience. Most importantly, these shows will also be qualifiers for INBA athletes to compete overseas at the following shows:

  • World Championships
  • Natural Universe
  • World Cup, and 
  • Natural Olympia

All officially sanctioned shows will display the INBA Global and PNBA logo’s.

PNBA athletes need not qualify as they are already permitted to compete at the professional level of these shows. NOTE:  please check with INBA Global Australia that you have the official PNBA qualifications as the former leadership issued cards at non-sanctioned shows and these are strictly not recognised by the PNBA. 

We welcome all PNBA athletes to attend these shows. Free entry will be provided on presentation of your PNBA pro card. Support INBA Global Australia, the organisation dedicated to the natural athlete.

Further information on the Australian events can be provided by registering at www.inbaglobal.com.au including accommodation discounts for the events. Contact us at www.inbaglobal.com.au we would love to hear from you.

Dream Bigger,